Update 11/23/2016

What up, what up, what up!

How is everything going on your end? I hope all is well. As for me, just pushing through and trying to progress. I’ve learned that when you ask (in prayer), you’ll get small test along the way on your journey to make sure it’s what you want and also give you a taste of the next level. Don’t sacrifice the small steps, those are the ones that enable you to get to where you are going. Gunning for becoming a registered Government Contractor WHILE given the opportunity to actually work with a Government Contractor and be mentored by one of their employees equals a BLESSING. I’m learning and soaking in all that I need to know both from their developers/software engineers/SMEs and project managers. This will be training to work with major enterprises and also deal with government agencies. The opportunity I have been looking for so it will allow me to grow, become more productive (professionally and financially) and manifest more of what I would like to work on. Each positive step is a step in the right direction. Spiritually, it shows that things are manifesting but the next level requires some training.


“..You have been faithful over a few things, now you you will be responsible over many..” – Matthew 25:21


Keep pressing on people, your ‘many things’ moment is around the corner!


Peace love and joy to all!

Update 6/6/2016

Well well well!!

It has been a crazy two months but well worth the time. As I am typing right now, two more apps in the process of approval and already working on another one. Also working on a new site for a local church and designing some marketing flyers that should be going out within the next week. Just plain ole hard work and grinding but no complaints (it wouldn’t do me any good anyways). I am very thankful for the opportunities that keep coming my way. One thing about freelancing is that it has its ups and downs within the ups and downs. That might sound strange but it makes perfect sense to someone who truly is trying to pave their own way. The greatest piece of advice recieved on perserverance came from two people: ET the Hip Hop Preacher and Muhammed Ali (RIP -6/2016). Here is what they said and I pray it helps someone else:

“You might be smarter, you might be faster, your daddy might own the company but you will NOT OUTWORK ME!” – ET the Hip Hop Preacher

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'” – Muhammad Ali


These quotes are constant fuel in my tank, daily. It’s days where working and grinding are the furthest thing from my mind because I get emotionally bombarded with everything. Then it’s times (such as now) I get so geeked on my todo list that I may not sleep but 2-4 hours and keep going the next day. It is a struggle daily to maintain the latter but choosing to do so is the key. Times get hard, days get long, projects sometimes wear you thin but you MUST keep going. Faith is the only element to your journey that fuels the drive, whether you are walking at a slow pace or speeding in the fast lane. Faith will take you further than anything else on this planet. You must wake up daily with the distinct determination to not ever let your problems, challenges and failures thwart you from the journey ahead. It will never ever be easy but I promise it will be worth it if you stick it out. Keep going my friend!!!


Peace and love to you and yours!

Update 3/18/2016

Happy New Year!

Hope all is well! As for me, I have been very active. Recently I have released two new applications as of lately, my first iOS release and my first cross platform release. This will make three apps I have release to the app store and working on a fourth that should be done in about a month or so. Check out the new additions below:

  • A Student Information Database – The application connects to the Parse.com backend and stores information put into a form. This will be updated because Parse is on the road to sunset so currently looking for a different backend provider and it looks like it will be Backendless. This app uses Kendo UI from Telerik, Parse backend and the web stack of HTML/JS/CSS.
  • Since I am in graduate school and making the best of my time, I decided to give back to the university and my department by making a mobile application for recruiting. It will give you information about the Computer Science department as well as the College of Engineering Facebook page, AAMU School Calendar and a contact form for more info.

These new apps are apart of my new learning experience in Cross – Platform development. I am learning to develop mobile applications using HTML, Javascript and CSS. It adopts the “write once, run everywhere” philosophy. This is helpful with getting ideas to production a lot quicker and cut down cost for development teams that cannot hire iOS and Android developers. It can get pretty pricey for both platforms and it can also get “technically” overwhelming because of using two different native languages (Objective-C/Swift for iOS and Java for Android). With the cross platform style, you write the apps in the web programming languages, utilize some of the design practices such as Bootstrap and MVC from the desktop web side and send it through the PhoneGap compiler that builds the native binaries and BOOM, a mobile application. Now with everything there is a good and bad, doing the cross platform isn’t any different. There are some performance issues with cross platform. This isn’t a killer con to a project unless what you are building requires some heavy lifting on the native side then you might want to make that investment. This isn’t a hidden issue either, most cross platform developers know this. But the expansion of Javascript and the evolution of all things tech, the gap between native and cross platform performance is starting to narrow. There are also some features that may not be supported in the cross platform project. This issue is also being mitigated by Cordova APIs and plugins. Depending on the platform, they are making way for native features to be easily accessible via these APIs and plugins. I will say one BIG plus of cross platform is the support of APIs. When I use the term APIs here, I mean that there are companies opening up their systems to allow developers to use their chops on extending products/services using a current platform’s features. Companies adopting the open source/developer API route is making way for cross platform developers to build applications for a wide range of reasons. For example, one project I am working on will allow data to be parsed via an API and updated, hopefully, in real time.

Another BIG BIG BIG plus of cross platform, and something I just recently learned about, is building desktop applications using the same technologies! When I heard about this, I was floored. There is a JS framework called ElectronJS and it looks promising. According to their website, companies such as Slack, Microsoft, Facebook and more have built desktop applications using ElectronJS and succeeded. This has opened up the avenue for other developers, as well as myself. Someone who has studied your typical C#, C++, Java and etc, I am now able to use my existing skills (and career path tools) to build those same applications but adopting the same “write once, run everywhere” philosophy but for DESKTOP!! Hearing about it sparked an idea and I am putting in crazy hours to see this come to life. The above project mentioned about parsing data via an API will be built and released as a desktop application. This will be a big, big accomplishment for me. I really cannot wait to see how this will turn out. The Javascript framework  I am using is called D3.js . It is called D3 because it’s Data Driven Documents by taking a JS framework, use a .CSV or SQL script, parsing the data via a remote connect via a database or manually inputing the data via <script> tag then displaying the data in a visually appealing chart. The people who need large data sets converted will greatly appreciate this. Anywho, enough of my rambling, I am just excited about everything going on.


Peace and love to you!!!

Update 12/6/2015

Merry Early Christmas Everyone!

The end of the semester is here and I am exactly one year from the end of grad school. When I say I cannot believe how fast time has FLEW by, it’s amazing. The connections I have made, the headaches I have endured and the progress in my original goal for going back is thriving. Next year, I’m going all in. Grassroots effort to move beyond where I am currently. I am still learning the mobile thing but I have developed a few projects and I will say they turned out good. I am on Bitbucket making some progress. Learning how to utilize version control via Git is a learning curve. But the race isn’t given to the swift. Time and effort after repeated, consistent work will produce results. There is a group of us in grad school that are going to put together a team and we will start making our own way. We want to get as much exposure/experience as possible so as to get our self prepared post college. It would really be tough to walk out of grad school and all that time be a wasted effort.

Love you and peace to all!

Update 11/11/2015

Well, well, well…What do we have here? I have been working on a mobile application as a group project and we have made the final product! It’s a basic project management application. You are in a meeting and need to take some quick notes, with this application you can enter Project Start/End dates, Project Manager Name, Meeting Date and some notes. Once you submit the information then you are presented with a warning pop up to check the project date then you can submit or cancel to edit. The application was built using the Appery.io platform. It allows you to develop cross mobile and web applications using a cloud based development system. It is a visual IDE editor that utilizes Enterprise grade components, standard HTML5/JS/CSS languages and additional API and Push notification support.

P.S. If you want to read our final paper on the application, you can download it here

Update 9/23/2015

What’s up WWW?? How are you? (Like you can talk back..lol)


Well what’s new…remember that Grad Assistantship? Snagged it! Happy about it. I have been putting my best foot forward. Trying to hone in on what my thesis research will be. I am thinking Cloud Architecture and/or MBaaS (Mobile Back-End As A Service). MBaaS is a type of cloud that helps run the behind the scenes of all your apps that you use. Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure Cloud are some popular ones. Along with Parse (which I am using to develop an Android mobile chat application for a class project), Kinvey and others, they are pushing the envelope on MBaaS. Parse’s newest move is making their platform SDK’s open source (yaaassssssss). I am still honing in on the mobile application development. Learning to leverage my web dev skills and do Cross Mobile Development with Apache/Cordova, PhoneGap API, HTML/CSS/JavaScript. When it’s time to launch the ideas, I’ll link it here for you to see. Also I have started back competing in TaeKwonDo and did my first tournament a few weeks ago and placed 1st in my division. The first tournament back in 6 YEARS. I am training for another tournament in October. That’s it, have a lovely day, lovely day, love-ly day!!! (sing the song!)

Update 7/23/2015

I have been neglecting my precious blog…I’m sorry, will you ever forgive me??

What’s new?! Still learning and still progressing. I’m happy about that. Starting to focus more on Web Application Programming and merging some [Cross] Native Mobile Application programming with Xamarin. Since I have been out of school for the summer, I’ve been working with one of my professors on a summer project doing Android Application analysis and reverse engineering. The initial goal was to find a program that is useful along with being simple and I stumbled across Dexter by DexLabs. It’s “an interactive Android software analysis environment”. In laymen terms, I’m able to reverse engineer Android applications to study how they interact with the devices. The purpose of the research is Android Malware Analysis. So I have combed the internet and found a few .apk’s (Android binary package) and have made some progress. Learning how the applications do remote access of devices, transmit data from the devices to servers and also to see what process/methods are used for malicious intent. Pretty cool stuff I might say! This fall I’m pushing for getting a full time Graduate Assistantship (fingers crossed, praying to the Lord Almighty that I snag it). If I am able to pull it off, it is on. I have so much stuff that I want to study and that will be the perfect opportunity to do so. I’ve talked to two of my professors who are over the Assistantship (one being my advisor, yaaayyy), and they told me to apply. Last semester I didn’t get it because the slots were full and this fall it’s guaranteed 3 spots will be available. My goal is to do four things with the Assistantship:

  • Build a full CMS/PHP/Web Application site from scratch using the stack (PHP, SQL, Apache).
  • Learn a .js framework (Angular, Node and/or Bootstrap).
  • Develop Cross Mobile Apps using Xamarin/C# that will have a stand alone CMS backend or connect to the above Web App/CMS.
  • Develop skills in Enterprise Development (J2EE, .NET/ASP, Java, Oracle, MVC, Git etc).

Lofty goals but the plan is set and the decision is made. By the time I have finished graduate school those above 4 task will have been finished. I am already hip in WordPress (of course this site you are viewing is built in WordPress), so I understand web applications and CMS. I just want to get more in-depth. I have a team behind me, a mentor to guide me, friends that encourage me and guide me and the Lord above to protect me. I’ve come to far and I cannot stop now. If you read this, know that God loves you and so do I.

Update 02/12/2015

Where in the world do I start:

– Landed a big Assistantship on campus after I missed out on another one. Redoing the Grad School website.

– Got some insight & MAJOR ADVICE from my advisor on my thesis. Looking to move on in web app delv & it’s more enterprise delv (J2EE, .NET, C# etc).

– Looking to start a seminary instructional training at my church so I can be a certified Bible School teacher…I’m pretty stoked about this.

– Business is picking up slowly but surely and I’m elated.

I can’t even express how happy I am. When you really put forth the effort to live your dream; envision, plan, then act on what it is that you REALLY want to do, there isn’t one obstacle on this Earth that can stop you. Can’t stop, won’t stop *inserts original Harlem Shake dance*

Then not to mention I FINALLY (read: searched LONG and HARD) found a backup plugin so when I’m delv-ing locally it’ll let me backup and xfer to the live server (thanks WPMDev. This site is a God-send.

…ohh and I’ve been up, off & on, since about Noon yesterday because I’ve been so busy and amped, nothing but God….GN!

Update 1/31/2015


It’s been a journey and it’s just the end of the first month…geesshh…let’s see:

  • School is back in and 9hrs of grad classes.
  • Have a semester long Software Project to work on…funnnnn!! I’m really excited to see how this will turn out. w00t
  • Meeting with two professors (one is my advisor) to get the ideas rolling for my thesis.
  • Development Opportunities are rolling in–I recently was recommended to & asked by the Dean of the Grad School to redesign the site…excited
  • I missed out (slots were already full) on a Grad Assistantship for this semester BUT my advisor said all my recommendations and background looks good so he told me to reapply next semester because 3 students are not returning…w00t

So I’m happy, things are breaking through and I’m glad about it. Keeping my focus, praying often and staying the course. GN & God Bless ✌️


Update 1/16/2015


Man…I love new beginnings, fresh starts and exciting adventures. All it means that what you are doing can get a fresh perspective and what you need to do now has time to get done. It also means what has been done is over so you can use that time to help navigate your future. Pray hard, pray often and pray with intent & faith. Your life is well on it’s way to take off, just buckle up, sit back and enjoy the ride!!