Update 01/21/2012–Later that day

I have now FINALLY purchased me a Mac, an iMac to be specific. I have started to develop a basic calculator application thru Xcode for iOS. {Here} is a screenshot of how it looks via emulator. So i will eventually get it up and running then submit it to the market.. Scratch that project (3/7/2012 edit).

Update 01/21/2012

Officially have linked my academic website through Florida Tech with my DreamWeaver. I am such a tech nerd its not funny, I love it though. Lately I have rooted a Moto Droid X and will be working on Jailbreaking my iPad 2. Alot going on.

Update 01/16/2012

Podcast Blog Radio coming soon!! Just some fun recorded. My thoughts, feelings, and opinion of everything. Nothing serious, just having fun.

Update 01/01/2012

Happy New Year!!! I hope you and yours was a blessing into the new years. I am glad to say that I have made it into another year and thankful for all my blessings. Right now I am in between semesters with college and, honestly, can’t wait to start back. I am still in the […]