Update 03/22/2012

Its 2:14AM, I am going to retire for the night. I have been up for the past few hours still trying to figure out this Cross Mobile Application platform called¬†Appcelerator. Its a relatively new IDE but from the test I have been running on my Android / iOS emulators its been showing promise. The only […]

Update 03/07/2012

Its 11:20pm CST & waiting for my Android SDK and Eclipse to update with the new updates. Its been a while since I have taken a stab at it, been busy. The new iPad 2s (lol), I guess that what you would call it, is really not all that to w00t over. I was expecting […]

Update 03/4/2012

Finished my first grad school midterm…woooowwww….I was nervous but made an 88 (pats self on back). Now I have a second that I have to turn in by Wednesday, so got to get to work on that one. I have been working on XCode for Objective-C to learn the iOS programming. I will eventually get […]