Update 11/30/2014

Yooooooooo…so I’m laying here…can’t sleep, thought I would write…lolz. So tomorrow officially starts my internship. I’m a bag of mixed emotions but the greatest of them all is pumped. Start something new, start something different AND it’s in my field of study. Can we say hiz-ipe!! Get to sharpen my skills and possibly land somewhere […]

Update 11/21/2014

Well I can say it’s been a roller coaster ride this semester in school taking a Theory of Algorithms and a Data Structures class. They almost drove me to drink made me appreciate school. I will say that I set down and mapped out every semester until graduation and already started scoping/planning classes based on […]

Update 9/22/2014

  “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ – Muhammad Ali

Update 9/17/2014

I am amazed its been over a year since I have updated this site. Well, what has been up since then… Quit Verizon my full time job to pursue my dream of working full time as a web developer and day trader. (It has been a roller coaster but I cannot complain one bit.) Made […]

Update 05/30/2013

Update…Now working with some clientale to help with building a website for them. Enjoying the work I am doing and feeling that fervor for building myself up. Seeing the coming of a lot of things down the line…clothing line…video production/editing….possibly a movie….We will see. Just hustling to build myself a better future. “Work like slaves, […]

Update 04/30/2013

Work work work work work work work work work work work work. Hard working. I just got me a MacBook so now I am at it. Keep me busy and keep me moving…Thankful. Working hard to build alot more opportunities for myself.

Update 04/03/2013

When I say I cannot put into words how THANKFUL I AM!! It’s hard to explain. So much goes on in my life that I don’t even talk about and still able to wake up everyday and say ‘Thank You Lord’ is a awesome blessing. I’ve been working so tirelessly to have so many projects […]

Update 12/20/2012

What has been up? Well a little restructuring. I have decided to change the main company name. It will now be called GDHFW (Greatly Determined to Help Fix the World). I am in the process of getting the LLC paperwork filed and the site for it will be up and running. Also working on eLsqrd‘s debut […]

Update 09/09/2012

Continuously studying and working to further expand myself. What have I been working on lately? Well one, I am independently teaching myself how to code via Xcode. I am learning how to do iOS programming. Eventually I can learn the full aspect of mobile programming. It’s a process but I am not going to quit […]

Update 07/08/2012

I finally have all three sites together. The designs are almost finished. EyeSociall is now in progress to be developed. I am shooting to have it launched (beta) by end 2012/Spring 2013. That will be a deadline that I am pushing myself to. I will put my all into this thing and PRAY for the […]