Update 11/23/2016

What up, what up, what up! How is everything going on your end? I hope all is well. As for me, just pushing through and trying to progress. I’ve learned that when you ask (in prayer), you’ll get small test along the way on your journey to make sure it’s what you want and also […]

Update 6/6/2016

Well well well!! It has been a crazy two months but well worth the time. As I am typing right now, two more apps in the process of approval and already working on another one. Also working on a new site for a local church and designing some marketing flyers that should be going out […]

Update 3/18/2016

Happy New Year! Hope all is well! As for me, I have been very active. Recently I have┬áreleased two new applications as of lately, my first iOS release and my first cross platform release. This will make three apps I have release to the app store and working on a fourth that should be done […]

Update 12/6/2015

Merry Early Christmas Everyone! The end of the semester is here and I am exactly one year from the end of grad school. When I say I cannot believe how fast time has FLEW by, it’s amazing. The connections I have made, the headaches I have endured and the progress in my original goal for […]

Update 11/11/2015

Well, well, well…What do we have here? I have been working on a mobile application as a group project and we have made the final product! It’s a basic project management application. You are in a meeting and need to take some quick notes, with this application you can enter Project Start/End dates, Project Manager […]

Update 9/23/2015

What’s up WWW?? How are you? (Like you can talk back..lol)   Well what’s new…remember that Grad Assistantship? Snagged it! Happy about it. I have been putting my best foot forward. Trying to hone in on what my thesis research will be. I am thinking Cloud Architecture and/or MBaaS (Mobile Back-End As A Service). MBaaS […]

Update 7/23/2015

I have been neglecting my precious blog…I’m sorry, will you ever forgive me?? What’s new?! Still learning and still progressing. I’m happy about that. Starting to focus more on Web Application Programming and merging some [Cross] Native Mobile Application programming with Xamarin. Since I have been out of school for the summer, I’ve been working […]

Update 02/12/2015

Where in the world do I start: – Landed a big Assistantship on campus after I missed out on another one. Redoing the Grad School website. – Got some insight & MAJOR ADVICE from my advisor on my thesis. Looking to move on in web app delv & it’s more enterprise delv (J2EE, .NET, C# […]

Update 1/31/2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE It’s been a journey and it’s just the end of the first month…geesshh…let’s see: School is back in and 9hrs of grad classes. Have a semester long Software Project to work on…funnnnn!! I’m really excited to see how this will turn out. w00t Meeting with two professors (one is my advisor) […]

Update 1/16/2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR Man…I love new beginnings, fresh starts and exciting adventures. All it means that what you are doing can get a fresh perspective and what you need to do now has time to get done. It also means what has been done is over so you can use that time to help navigate […]