Update 11/30/2014

Yooooooooo…so I’m laying here…can’t sleep, thought I would write…lolz.

So tomorrow officially starts my internship. I’m a bag of mixed emotions but the greatest of them all is pumped. Start something new, start something different AND it’s in my field of study. Can we say hiz-ipe!!

Get to sharpen my skills and possibly land somewhere I want to be or maybe (crosses fingers) do some freelancing.

Just also started using NetBeans. I’m thoroughly elated, intrigued, and happy with using it cause I can develop PHP, CSS, HTML, and SQL apps all in one program. Time to juice up the performance on my MacBook and iMac so I can start churning out some major work these days.

I guess that’s all. GN world! Here is a random picture.


Update 11/21/2014

Well I can say it’s been a roller coaster ride this semester in school taking a
Theory of Algorithms and a
Data Structures class. They almost drove me to drink made me appreciate school. I will say that I set down and mapped out every semester until graduation and already started scoping/planning classes based on the PhD program I want to get accepted to. I have made my decision based on the following:

  • Georgia Tech – I wanted to go here in undergrad but when I seen how much tuition was, I humbled myself real quick.
  • Vanderbuilt – It’s SEC, it’s affordable and it’s in Nashville. Ideally the school I want to go to because of Nashville. I love it there. The live music & music scene is where my blood pumps. Plus the nightlife, big tech startup city and it’s a boiling hub of todo.
  • Harvard – You always need a wild card. Something a little far fetched and a dream that ultimately could come true. Mostly I would like to go to Harvard for the prestige AND of all the schools mentioned, they have a dedicated Taekwondo club (*inserts teenage girl scream* –>don’t judge me). I could get an Ivy League education, live somewhere totally brand new AND kick butt too?!!?…God in Heaven, if it’s in your will, let thou be admitted.

  • The whole goal is to do my research in Web & Mobile Application Development so it’s possible to make it simple for everybody. Mostly mobile app development. Make it a drag and drop with minimal to no coding needed, kinda a WYSIWYG type idea. I think it’s possible to create & make it cross platform too. That would be amazing…*makes mental note*.

    I have had 2 phone interviews this week and both are in web development. One is doing Web Content & the other is being a Web Developer intern. I was tossing back and forth with which I was going to go with but I’ve made up my mind and will choose the developer position. It’s more geared towards me being a full stack developer anyways so as I have been coaching myself:

    Begin with the end in mind

    Anywho…imma sign off now and crash so I can make it to class in the good ole morn!

Update 9/22/2014

This is the new software I’m learning – Xamarin . It’s a cross platform mobile application development program. Being able to develop iOS, Android and Windows app using C#, which is what I’m studying right now in school. I started off on C++, like most newbies to programming, then I learned some Java, so this is pretty much a simple transition. It’s just learning the classes, functions and methods for each Mobile SDK is the challenge. I’m a fighter so I’ll get it. Pairing this with the HTML/CSS, PHP, SQL knowledge and studying this WordPress and other CMS frameworks, the dream is almost fulfilled of being a full time freelance Web Developer. I’ve always had a knack of being stubborn. It has its draw backs but mine leans more on the side of being resilient despite setbacks or challenges so I may get discouraged but never defeated and I never let them “see me sweat”.


I hated every minute of training, but I said,
‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ – Muhammad Ali

Update 9/17/2014


I am amazed its been over a year since I have updated this site. Well, what has been up since then…

  1. Quit Verizon my full time job to pursue my dream of working full time as a web developer and day trader. (It has been a roller coaster but I cannot complain one bit.)
  2. Made the decision to go back to school full time and get my Masters. Alabama A&M for my Masters in Computer Science.
  3. I have been LEARNING & WORKING. Gessshhh…I have taught myself and learned so much about myself, technology and so much more in the past year, it’s been a blessing.
  4. In reference to trading, I have now registered a business to be a full time day trader. Mostly I trade options (security derivatives) through the wonderful TOS (ThinkOrSwim) platform

I am still trying to get the mobile application thing down packed but it’s been a challenge. I just discovered the Xamarin IDE that will allow me to do cross-platform development thru a C# structure. I kind of stoked about it because I am sharpening my C# (pun intended) skills in school so this should be really helpful and prove successful too. Well I need to get to bed, my 6AM daily devotion will be here soon and class is at 9AM.

Update 05/30/2013

Update…Now working with some clientale to help with building a website for them. Enjoying the work I am doing and feeling that fervor for building myself up. Seeing the coming of a lot of things down the line…clothing line…video production/editing….possibly a movie….We will see. Just hustling to build myself a better future. “Work like slaves, eat like kings!”–#SI4S

Update 04/30/2013

Work work work work work work work work work work work work. Hard working. I just got me a MacBook so now I am at it. Keep me busy and keep me moving…Thankful. Working hard to build alot more opportunities for myself.

Update 04/03/2013

When I say I cannot put into words how THANKFUL I AM!! It’s hard to explain. So much goes on in my life that I don’t even talk about and still able to wake up everyday and say ‘Thank You Lord’ is a awesome blessing. I’ve been working so tirelessly to have so many projects finished, I am in my own zone. Let’s see….I finally have Illusions Magazine up and running, the next move for them is an online shopping experience….Next I am working on a comedy project—Showing Out!–a online sketch comedy (Think SNL & In Living Color), my role is a cast member and video editor….Also I am working on another project that is close to me, #SB4L, SouthBreed 4 Life. A local rap group from Huntsville, aka Hustleville, AL. Years have past and a lot of members are still hungry with the passion to create the music they love and for them to help with the reunion is a honor. Their site is in progress and more of their projects are on the way. Along with a new project at my full time job and maintaining a level head through school, all I can say is ‘Thank You Lord for the vision and the opportunity’.

Update 12/20/2012

What has been up? Well a little restructuring. I have decided to change the main company name. It will now be called GDHFW (Greatly Determined to Help Fix the World). I am in the process of getting the LLC paperwork filed and the site for it will be up and running. Also working on eLsqrd‘s debut being a music distributor, print/media company, and more after the first of the year. It will be called eLsqrd Media Group. We will do the best to expand, expand, and expand. It’s all hustling from here. I keep forgetting this is my personal blog…lol. I try to keep it all formal. Oh well. School is on its last leg…smh…I am ready for it to be done!! I really need to find something more part time so I can focus more on school and work but with all things that are adverse come great rewards. I honestly believe God is testing me so much I can push myself harder and see that my breakthrough and success is around the corner. Anyone that may read this, remember, ‘faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen’. In other words, even though you may dream, fantasize, or even think about doing something different or start and get discouraged, the tough times are there not to break you but only build you up. Nothing that you earn comes easy, except lottery winnings. Continue to maintain your focus, keep your perspective open and you mind open for new possibilities. Understand things are always going good even when they look bad. Maintain your faith and your wildest dreams or even the most unheard of blessings will always find you…God Bless!!!

Update 09/09/2012

Continuously studying and working to further expand myself. What have I been working on lately? Well one, I am independently teaching myself how to code via Xcode. I am learning how to do iOS programming. Eventually I can learn the full aspect of mobile programming. It’s a process but I am not going to quit though. The first of that finished process will allow me to work on digital media (Magazines & books). Help authors and magazine editors launch themselves into the digital age and learn how to expand their customer base. My first product is Illusions Magazine. You can check out their website here. They are a beauty and hair magazine set out to, and I quote “…represent the hair industry with class and in a tasteful manner.” A very promising company with great potential. The target is around January 2013 to launch a digital version of the magazine for iOS and Android Support. It will start with per issue then eventually subscription based support. So excited!!!

Update 07/08/2012

I finally have all three sites together. The designs are almost finished. EyeSociall is now in progress to be developed. I am shooting to have it launched (beta) by end 2012/Spring 2013. That will be a deadline that I am pushing myself to. I will put my all into this thing and PRAY for the best. I always hear “the first, sometimes, is not always the best”, well I am putting my mustard seed on this one and everything I am doing. I’ve came too far, and learning too much to not believe that it will not.