Update 02/12/2015

Where in the world do I start:

– Landed a big Assistantship on campus after I missed out on another one. Redoing the Grad School website.

– Got some insight & MAJOR ADVICE from my advisor on my thesis. Looking to move on in web app delv & it’s more enterprise delv (J2EE, .NET, C# etc).

– Looking to start a seminary instructional training at my church so I can be a certified Bible School teacher…I’m pretty stoked about this.

– Business is picking up slowly but surely and I’m elated.

I can’t even express how happy I am. When you really put forth the effort to live your dream; envision, plan, then act on what it is that you REALLY want to do, there isn’t one obstacle on this Earth that can stop you. Can’t stop, won’t stop *inserts original Harlem Shake dance*

Then not to mention I FINALLY (read: searched LONG and HARD) found a backup plugin so when I’m delv-ing locally it’ll let me backup and xfer to the live server (thanks WPMDev. This site is a God-send.

…ohh and I’ve been up, off & on, since about Noon yesterday because I’ve been so busy and amped, nothing but God….GN!

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