Update 03/22/2012

Its 2:14AM, I am going to retire for the night. I have been up for the past few hours still trying to figure out this Cross Mobile Application platform called Appcelerator. Its a relatively new IDE but from the test I have been running on my Android / iOS emulators its been showing promise. The only thing I am having a time with is using the native code, its all coded in JavaScript. Then the app basically “transposes” or compiler/converts it to the native code for the different mobile OS’s and runs in the supplied emulators. It also helps that if you have the native OS IDE downloaded on your computer because you can export to the native IDEs, Xcode for iOS and Eclipse for Android. I really like the idea that you don’t have to start codeing in one language and then try to code in a totally different language. Xcode is Objective-C and Eclipse is Java. Well Appcelerator is wrapped in Java but uses JS to code the apps functions then the compiler fully compiles the program to each OS’s native code and can package and sign for you the application for distribution. I have figured out how to distribute through the Android Market but using Apple’s Market is a totally different ball game. Its been a while since I have touched JS but I could brush up on it, no sweat. Luckily they have a “cookbook” (basically its an user manual that teaches you code and how to implement step by step). I need to get it both in hardback, for my library, and also e-Book format for both my iPad & Desktop. I am juggling school & work so its alot to do with also wanting to pursue my personal interest. I’ll get thru it though, I don’t have a doubt. Lastly I’ll close this evening with Happy Birthday Pops, its a journey since but I am keeping the faith like you taught me, miss you man. GN

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