Update 03/4/2012

Finished my first grad school midterm…woooowwww….I was nervous but made an 88 (pats self on back). Now I have a second that I have to turn in by Wednesday, so got to get to work on that one. I have been working on XCode for Objective-C to learn the iOS programming. I will eventually get a book for Mac OSX programming too. I just need the time to sit down and learn all of this. If only I could get a Co-Op so I can alternate semesters with learning and working, I’ll have more time to complete alot of my work/projects so I can advance myself. Also I am learning more in-depth about SQL, specially on the Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Its alot different than using MySQL, Oracle, & of course using Access. I like it alot better though. I just need to learn the JDBC/ODBC more in depth & I am set.