Update 04/03/2013

When I say I cannot put into words how THANKFUL I AM!! It’s hard to explain. So much goes on in my life that I don’t even talk about and still able to wake up everyday and say ‘Thank You Lord’ is a awesome blessing. I’ve been working so tirelessly to have so many projects finished, I am in my own zone. Let’s see….I finally have Illusions Magazine up and running, the next move for them is an online shopping experience….Next I am working on a comedy project—Showing Out!–a online sketch comedy (Think SNL & In Living Color), my role is a cast member and video editor….Also I am working on another project that is close to me, #SB4L, SouthBreed 4 Life. A local rap group from Huntsville, aka Hustleville, AL. Years have past and a lot of members are still hungry with the passion to create the music they love and for them to help with the reunion is a honor. Their site is in progress and more of their projects are on the way. Along with a new project at my full time job and maintaining a level head through school, all I can say is ‘Thank You Lord for the vision and the opportunity’.