Update 09/09/2012

Continuously studying and working to further expand myself. What have I been working on lately? Well one, I am independently teaching myself how to code via Xcode. I am learning how to do iOS programming. Eventually I can learn the full aspect of mobile programming. It’s a process but I am not going to quit though. The first of that finished process will allow me to work on digital media (Magazines & books). Help authors and magazine editors launch themselves into the digital age and learn how to expand their customer base. My first product is Illusions Magazine. You can check out their website here. They are a beauty and hair magazine set out to, and I quote “…represent the hair industry with class and in a tasteful manner.” A very promising company with great potential. The target is around January 2013 to launch a digital version of the magazine for iOS and Android Support. It will start with per issue then eventually subscription based support. So excited!!!