Update 11/21/2014

Well I can say it’s been a roller coaster ride this semester in school taking a
Theory of Algorithms and a
Data Structures class. They almost drove me to drink made me appreciate school. I will say that I set down and mapped out every semester until graduation and already started scoping/planning classes based on the PhD program I want to get accepted to. I have made my decision based on the following:

  • Georgia Tech – I wanted to go here in undergrad but when I seen how much tuition was, I humbled myself real quick.
  • Vanderbuilt – It’s SEC, it’s affordable and it’s in Nashville. Ideally the school I want to go to because of Nashville. I love it there. The live music & music scene is where my blood pumps. Plus the nightlife, big tech startup city and it’s a boiling hub of todo.
  • Harvard – You always need a wild card. Something a little far fetched and a dream that ultimately could come true. Mostly I would like to go to Harvard for the prestige AND of all the schools mentioned, they have a dedicated Taekwondo club (*inserts teenage girl scream* –>don’t judge me). I could get an Ivy League education, live somewhere totally brand new AND kick butt too?!!?…God in Heaven, if it’s in your will, let thou be admitted.

  • The whole goal is to do my research in Web & Mobile Application Development so it’s possible to make it simple for everybody. Mostly mobile app development. Make it a drag and drop with minimal to no coding needed, kinda a WYSIWYG type idea. I think it’s possible to create & make it cross platform too. That would be amazing…*makes mental note*.

    I have had 2 phone interviews this week and both are in web development. One is doing Web Content & the other is being a Web Developer intern. I was tossing back and forth with which I was going to go with but I’ve made up my mind and will choose the developer position. It’s more geared towards me being a full stack developer anyways so as I have been coaching myself:

    Begin with the end in mind

    Anywho…imma sign off now and crash so I can make it to class in the good ole morn!

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