Update 11/23/2016

What up, what up, what up!

How is everything going on your end? I hope all is well. As for me, just pushing through and trying to progress. I’ve learned that when you ask (in prayer), you’ll get small test along the way on your journey to make sure it’s what you want and also give you a taste of the next level. Don’t sacrifice the small steps, those are the ones that enable you to get to where you are going. Gunning for becoming a registered Government Contractor WHILE given the opportunity to actually work with a Government Contractor and be mentored by one of their employees equals a BLESSING. I’m learning and soaking in all that I need to know both from their developers/software engineers/SMEs and project managers. This will be training to work with major enterprises and also deal with government agencies. The opportunity I have been looking for so it will allow me to grow, become more productive (professionally and financially) and manifest more of what I would like to work on. Each positive step is a step in the right direction. Spiritually, it shows that things are manifesting but the next level requires some training.


“..You have been faithful over a few things, now you you will be responsible over many..” – Matthew 25:21


Keep pressing on people, your ‘many things’ moment is around the corner!


Peace love and joy to all!

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