Update 11/30/2014

Yooooooooo…so I’m laying here…can’t sleep, thought I would write…lolz.

So tomorrow officially starts my internship. I’m a bag of mixed emotions but the greatest of them all is pumped. Start something new, start something different AND it’s in my field of study. Can we say hiz-ipe!!

Get to sharpen my skills and possibly land somewhere I want to be or maybe (crosses fingers) do some freelancing.

Just also started using NetBeans. I’m thoroughly elated, intrigued, and happy with using it cause I can develop PHP, CSS, HTML, and SQL apps all in one program. Time to juice up the performance on my MacBook and iMac so I can start churning out some major work these days.

I guess that’s all. GN world! Here is a random picture.


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