Update 12/20/2012

What has been up? Well a little restructuring. I have decided to change the main company name. It will now be called GDHFW (Greatly Determined to Help Fix the World). I am in the process of getting the LLC paperwork filed and the site for it will be up and running. Also working on eLsqrd‘s debut being a music distributor, print/media company, and more after the first of the year. It will be called eLsqrd Media Group. We will do the best to expand, expand, and expand. It’s all hustling from here. I keep forgetting this is my personal blog…lol. I try to keep it all formal. Oh well. School is on its last leg…smh…I am ready for it to be done!! I really need to find something more part time so I can focus more on school and work but with all things that are adverse come great rewards. I honestly believe God is testing me so much I can push myself harder and see that my breakthrough and success is around the corner. Anyone that may read this, remember, ‘faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen’. In other words, even though you may dream, fantasize, or even think about doing something different or start and get discouraged, the tough times are there not to break you but only build you up. Nothing that you earn comes easy, except lottery winnings. Continue to maintain your focus, keep your perspective open and you mind open for new possibilities. Understand things are always going good even when they look bad. Maintain your faith and your wildest dreams or even the most unheard of blessings will always find you…God Bless!!!