Update 12/6/2015

Merry Early Christmas Everyone!

The end of the semester is here and I am exactly one year from the end of grad school. When I say I cannot believe how fast time has FLEW by, it’s amazing. The connections I have made, the headaches I have endured and the progress in my original goal for going back is thriving. Next year, I’m going all in. Grassroots effort to move beyond where I am currently. I am still learning the mobile thing but I have developed a few projects and I will say they turned out good. I am on Bitbucket making some progress. Learning how to utilize version control via Git is a learning curve. But the race isn’t given to the swift. Time and effort after repeated, consistent work will produce results. There is a group of us in grad school that are going to put together a team and we will start making our own way. We want to get as much exposure/experience as possible so as to get our self prepared post college. It would really be tough to walk out of grad school and all that time be a wasted effort.

Love you and peace to all!

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