Update 1/31/2015


It’s been a journey and it’s just the end of the first month…geesshh…let’s see:

  • School is back in and 9hrs of grad classes.
  • Have a semester long Software Project to work on…funnnnn!! I’m really excited to see how this will turn out. w00t
  • Meeting with two professors (one is my advisor) to get the ideas rolling for my thesis.
  • Development Opportunities are rolling in–I recently was recommended to & asked by the Dean of the Grad School to redesign the site…excited
  • I missed out (slots were already full) on a Grad Assistantship for this semester BUT my advisor said all my recommendations and background looks good so he told me to reapply next semester because 3 students are not returning…w00t

So I’m happy, things are breaking through and I’m glad about it. Keeping my focus, praying often and staying the course. GN & God Bless ✌️


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