Update 7/23/2015

I have been neglecting my precious blog…I’m sorry, will you ever forgive me??

What’s new?! Still learning and still progressing. I’m happy about that. Starting to focus more on Web Application Programming and merging some [Cross] Native Mobile Application programming with Xamarin. Since I have been out of school for the summer, I’ve been working with one of my professors on a summer project doing Android Application analysis and reverse engineering. The initial goal was to find a program that is useful along with being simple and I stumbled across Dexter by DexLabs. It’s “an interactive Android software analysis environment”. In laymen terms, I’m able to reverse engineer Android applications to study how they interact with the devices. The purpose of the research is Android Malware Analysis. So I have combed the internet and found a few .apk’s (Android binary package) and have made some progress. Learning how the applications do remote access of devices, transmit data from the devices to servers and also to see what process/methods are used for malicious intent. Pretty cool stuff I might say! This fall I’m pushing for getting a full time Graduate Assistantship (fingers crossed, praying to the Lord Almighty that I snag it). If I am able to pull it off, it is on. I have so much stuff that I want to study and that will be the perfect opportunity to do so. I’ve talked to two of my professors who are over the Assistantship (one being my advisor, yaaayyy), and they told me to apply. Last semester I didn’t get it because the slots were full and this fall it’s guaranteed 3 spots will be available. My goal is to do four things with the Assistantship:

  • Build a full CMS/PHP/Web Application site from scratch using the stack (PHP, SQL, Apache).
  • Learn a .js framework (Angular, Node and/or Bootstrap).
  • Develop Cross Mobile Apps using Xamarin/C# that will have a stand alone CMS backend or connect to the above Web App/CMS.
  • Develop skills in Enterprise Development (J2EE, .NET/ASP, Java, Oracle, MVC, Git etc).

Lofty goals but the plan is set and the decision is made. By the time I have finished graduate school those above 4 task will have been finished. I am already hip in WordPress (of course this site you are viewing is built in WordPress), so I understand web applications and CMS. I just want to get more in-depth. I have a team behind me, a mentor to guide me, friends that encourage me and guide me and the Lord above to protect me. I’ve come to far and I cannot stop now. If you read this, know that God loves you and so do I.

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