Update 9/17/2014


I am amazed its been over a year since I have updated this site. Well, what has been up since then…

  1. Quit Verizon my full time job to pursue my dream of working full time as a web developer and day trader. (It has been a roller coaster but I cannot complain one bit.)
  2. Made the decision to go back to school full time and get my Masters. Alabama A&M for my Masters in Computer Science.
  3. I have been LEARNING & WORKING. Gessshhh…I have taught myself and learned so much about myself, technology and so much more in the past year, it’s been a blessing.
  4. In reference to trading, I have now registered a business to be a full time day trader. Mostly I trade options (security derivatives) through the wonderful TOS (ThinkOrSwim) platform

I am still trying to get the mobile application thing down packed but it’s been a challenge. I just discovered the Xamarin IDE that will allow me to do cross-platform development thru a C# structure. I kind of stoked about it because I am sharpening my C# (pun intended) skills in school so this should be really helpful and prove successful too. Well I need to get to bed, my 6AM daily devotion will be here soon and class is at 9AM.

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