Update 9/23/2015

What’s up WWW?? How are you? (Like you can talk back..lol)


Well what’s new…remember that Grad Assistantship? Snagged it! Happy about it. I have been putting my best foot forward. Trying to hone in on what my thesis research will be. I am thinking Cloud Architecture and/or MBaaS (Mobile Back-End As A Service). MBaaS is a type of cloud that helps run the behind the scenes of all your apps that you use. Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure Cloud are some popular ones. Along with Parse (which I am using to develop an Android mobile chat application for a class project), Kinvey and others, they are pushing the envelope on MBaaS. Parse’s newest move is making their platform SDK’s open source (yaaassssssss). I am still honing in on the mobile application development. Learning to leverage my web dev skills and do Cross Mobile Development with Apache/Cordova, PhoneGap API, HTML/CSS/JavaScript. When it’s time to launch the ideas, I’ll link it here for you to see. Also I have started back competing in TaeKwonDo and did my first tournament a few weeks ago and placed 1st in my division. The first tournament back in 6 YEARS. I am training for another tournament in October. That’s it, have a lovely day, lovely day, love-ly day!!! (sing the song!)

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